What if we don't like having our photo taken?

Let me just start by saying that pretty much makes you human. It's completely natural to be nervous at first - trust me, I've been there! On your wedding day, I want to photograph you both in the most natural way possible, with authentic emotions and genuine affection. Sometimes I'll give you direction to stand in a certain way but then allow you the space to move into a pose that feels comfortable. Other times, I'll give a little scenario or an action to do which will produce your own unique reaction. These are my favourite types of photos as they are so candid and the emotion is real.

Plus the beauty of having a second shooter is that while I'm capturing the 'formal' stuff, they can capture those sneaky in between moments; the glance, the giggle, the cheeky whispers in each other's ear and other spontaneous moments.

What is a ‘first look’ and should we have one?

A first look is simply when a bride and groom see each other before the official wedding ceremony. It's a relaxed way of coming together to stop and take it all in. You're free to just be you; to hug, to kiss, to cry, to laugh and to savour the moment before becoming husband and wife. It‘s a moment shared by just the two of you and captured from a distance by us.

These private moments before you leave for the ceremony can be one of most special times as you think about the day that's finally upon you. This quiet, contemplative time also serves as a break to calm each other's nerves before walking down the aisle to make it all official.

What’s more, if you choose to have some or all of your formal bridal party photos done then as well, that's even better. Not only is the whole bridal party in top form, the girls’ hair and makeup are fresh, and the boys are still okay with being in their suits. Getting this step out of the way early in the day frees up the rest of your time to spend with your guests after the ceremony, when the bridal party photos would normally take place.
Something to think about......

What's included in your collections?

All wedding collections include the edited, high resolution digital photos, ready for you to print whenever and wherever you like. You'll also receive smaller, web-sized versions for sharing online. And then, to finish off, let me create for you a custom designed, Queensberry fine art album as the pièce de résistance. To find out more about these collections including pricing, or to request a custom collection, please contact me.

When will we receive our photos?

I'll send through a handful of preview images within two weeks of your wedding and you'll receive the full collection four to six weeks after your wedding day. We'll start on the album design process shortly thereafter.


How many photographs do you deliver from a wedding day?

I supply anywhere from 400-800 photos, depending on the length of your wedding day and the collection chosen.

We don't live in Hawkes Bay - can you help with some local knowledge?

I'm a born and raised Hawkes Bay girl and happy to share what I know. Once you’ve made your booking official, I'll send a confirmation pack which includes all sorts of handy information like awesome local vendors, suggested timeframes, a to-do list, more FAQ's not covered here and a bunch of other useful information. And I am always just a phone call or email away if you'd like help with anything else.


Will you post the photographs online?

I’d love to, unless you specifically request that I not. Your images may be used in an online gallery, portfolio and on social media.


Can we meet before booking?

Absolutely! I'd love to meet you both and hear about what you've got planned and to answer any questions you may have. It’s also super important to me that our personalities click and that I am a good fit for your day. If you are in Hawkes Bay, we can catch up for a drink or if that's a bit tricky, we can set up a Skype date.


We're Sold! HOW DO WE book you?

Hooray!  The next step is to contact me to check your date matches an available date on my calendar. Then ideally we'll meet up, either in person or virtually over Skype, we'll chat about your day, I'll send you an online contract to sign and instructions on how to pay the retainer.  Then voila. Booked. Unfortunately, I can't hold a date without both the retainer and contract completed.

I can't wait to hear from you!


I have one more question.....

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